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The Format

Participants meet on four weekends, scheduled over a four-month period. In addition, there are five two and a half hour group meetings scheduled between the training weekends.

What makes ABC different?

SupportBringing men and women together in a sacred and spiritual circle introduces the dynamic of gender interaction and definition. When men and women work together in a safe healing environment, magic occurs. For many, the wounds of gender run deep. For many, the healing they experience in The ABC Training has been life changing and transformational. A big part of this healing comes from creating a new paradigm around how one sees and experiences men and women. The length of time of this training allows for deep connections to develop. The deeper the connection and bond of the group, the farther the group and those in it can go. And, the deeper the healing of these issues can go. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to live life from behind our mask and personas. Participants learn how to channel the energy from this reclaimed energy, and create a life lived from the heart, and filled with passion.

"As a woman I believed that men would not be sensitive to my issues as a woman, so I resisted this training for many years.  I never believed that my relationships with men could be different.  ABC provided the safety to create a new paradigm of how men show up in my life. I trust myself more, and I trust myself with men more. "
~ Lisa K.  Houston, Texas

What can I expect to get out of the training?

One can expect life changing results out of ABC

You can expect life-changing results out of ABC. ABC provides a proven structure and, as a general rule, you get out of the training what you put into it. If you sit on the sidelines, you will not find much in the training. If you enter the training with an open heart, mind and spirit, show courage, challenge yourself and others, risk, stretch your paradigms, trust yourself and others, and show a willingness to face your fears, the training will be a rich experience for you. Participants have experienced change in health and wellness, relationships, happiness, career, self esteem, parenting, love, performance, forgiveness, gratitude, friendship, career fulfillment, community and leadership.

How do I enroll and what is the cost?

The training cost in Houston, TX is $1,800. Training costs in other cities vary. Payment options are available. Included are four training weekends, group meetings, and the ABC training manual. A $250 deposit reserves your place. Send your deposit to:

ABC Houston
3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 713
Houston, Texas 77098


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