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About ABC

Robert Andrews, MAAccelerated Behavior Change (ABC) Training is a life-changing experience in personal growth for men and women. ABC is directed by Robert B. Andrews, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and Certified Sports Counselor. Robert brings over twenty years of experiences in mind/body healing, psychotherapy, sports psychology, and spirituality to ABC Training. Since 1993 Robert has been the director of ABC Houston, and the lead trainer and workshop leader for the ABC Training. Under his guidance the training has evolved into a dynamic program of personal psycho-spiritual growth as well as a highly effective training for men and women in search of their passion, personal empowerment and freedom that leads to a more full, authentic life. And, Robert is always assisted in training by a highly trained, certified, and exceptionally skilled staff.

What is Accelerated Bahavior Change?

Simply put, ABC is a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. The lives of men and women who embark on the ABC journey are dramatically changed. Wounds are healed, and spirits are renewed by participation in this soulful work.

Participants discover, or rediscover, the authentic self that has been buried deep inside. They learn to live from their hearts and pursue their life-long dreams and visions.

ReleaseEveryone accumulates excess baggage as they move through the journey of life. Everyone faces social, community, school and church pressures, family of origin issues, and traumatic or high stress events. Stress from these “external forces” causes us to leave behind or deny important strengths or attributes. For many, a wounded, undeveloped adult has been running the show, taking action on the basis of feelings, memories, and misperceptions of the "inner child".

Leaving issues such as important life decisions, our ability to be in relationship with others, career and financial matters, self-care, and health and wellness up to this undeveloped adult is dangerous to our well-being. The results are usually unproductive and subversive to our growth. A primary focus of The ABC Training is the healing of the "inner child" and the integration of the strong, powerful, and wise adult self. The self that can stand and protect, lead, empower, take appropriate risk, share, and show vulnerability and empathy in relationships. Participants of The ABC Training find themselves "coming into a sense of personal power", living with more spontaneity, and building healthier friendships that are based on love, trust, truth and commitment.

Using sound and effective theories and applications of holographic imprinting, re-scripting, bioenergetics, burn-in, memory enhancement, psychodrama and team building, ABC creates life changing and powerful results for those choosing to be a part of this adventure. Participants in ABC spend six months together on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. This experience with a "safe" group of men and women on the same journey helps each individual in the training risk revealing the self they have hidden, denied, repressed or forgotten. The structure and framework of ABC has empowered men and women to move from victim, numbness, anger and resentment to a place of love, power, mission, fulfillment and their authentic essence. It’s a process that removes these blocks and breaks old self-destructive patterns.

“ABC showed me the parts of my life I was missing because I was resisting change . . . and it allowed me to step through that resistance to claim my life’s abundance.”
Tom Workman