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Stepping into the Light - the next step in ABC work

Houston, TX

This training is a rich, experiential ABC training for men and women ready to take their inner journey to a deeper level.  This training will empower you to break through resistance and fear, and step into your authentic essence, power and light!

Training Content

  • Understanding and integrating the four archetypes of survival; the child, the victim, the prostitute, and the saboteur. 
  • Identifying the Mother/Father Complex
  • Overcoming resistance.
  • The Healing power of Grief
  • Creating a sacred space of silence of emptiness
  • Beliefs and their influence on behavior

Please note:  ABC graduates only for Stepping Into the Light

Taking the Next Step:  Moving through resistance

FlyingThis group is for men and women who have already experienced the ABC Training and are ready to take their life to the next level, and integrate their ABC experience. It is a place to break through fears and resistance and out of old comfort zones. In this group you will gain an understanding of how and why you derail your attempts at success, intimacy, health, and abundance.

You will learn how the Four Archetypes of Survival: The Victim, The Saboteur, The Child, and The Prostitute block your success, but are really calling you to a higher place, and eventually will become your ally. In the end they will be the trusted guardian and protector of your power, integrity, boundaries, purpose, dreams, and ultimately your soul.

In this twice monthly group you will challenge yourself and each other to leave behind old destructive, chaotic, self defeating ways of dealing with change, conflict, challenge, and fear. You will leave group with focused energy, and power, and will integrate life giving rituals that create energy, passion, and purpose.